There is growing awareness about forced labor and human trafficking in global supply chains that is changing the policies and regulations of both governments and the private sector.

How is government responding? 

The United States and other governments are creating laws and regulations to require more effective management and prevention of these risks by those who sell goods and services to the government and by those who import goods into the US and other countries.  As a result, government officials of many types – from contracting and procurement officials to Congressional staff – are increasingly engaged in matters related to labor and human rights risks in global supply chains.

Course Description:

To create and enforce government policies and regulations effectively, government officials need to be adept at distinguishing between strong and weak due diligence processes. This course is for agency staff and other stakeholders whose job is to better understand, or to actively evaluate, whether a company’s due diligence processes will allow it to control the risks of forced labor in its own operations or its supply chain. 

The course focuses on the following topics:  

  • International standards and due diligence frameworks that guide companies towards responsible business practice.
  • The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) framework as a pathway for managing forced labor risks. 
  • The role of supply chain and risk mapping for understanding risk. 
  • How policies and procedures can help prevent and mitigate the risks identified.   
  • The importance of monitoring to spot problems and to make sure solutions are working, and the importance of worker engagement. 
  • The forms remediation can take to address forced labor issues and their causes. 

Course Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
Course Link:
Due Diligence Training for US Government Officials: Understanding Forced Labor Risks

The development of this course was generously funded by Humanity United

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