According to the International Labor Organization, more than 232 million people across the globe live outside their countries of origin, and migrant workers and their families account for 90 percent of all international migration.

Such movement of workers has become increasingly important to the prosperity of the global economy, and to the livelihood of individual workers seeking opportunity. Unfortunately, as more individuals move for work, and more employers seek global talent, many migrants find themselves entangled in a “grey” market run by unscrupulous recruiters and employers. As a result, they can face abusive conditions that amount to modern-day slavery.

Verité performs research and develops tools, guidance and approaches to support responsible recruitment and hiring.


CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™: Through a secure online platform, member companies can map their labor supply chains and proactively screen for forced labor risks introduced by supply chain partners’ recruitment practices and recruitment agents.

SAFE TIPS Guide for East Africans Seeking Jobs in the Gulf States

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