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Request for Proposal(s):

Website Rebuild Q&A:

Q: Can the task be undertaken from firms based that are not based in the United States?
A: Yes.

Q: Regarding what the RFP mentions about PowerBI and/or Tableau — how specifically do you see these tools interacting with the new verite.org?
A: We are interested in different tools and ways of showing information and data. Data visualization tools, like Tableau or PowerBI (or similar tools), are especially interesting because of their interactive quality and ability to address diverse user needs/queries.  The data or indicators may come from Verité’s own research or from external research or studies. See this page for a specific example of data visualization that we would like to improve The RE-ACT Dashboard (arcgis.com).

Q: The RFP mentions the Gutenberg editor — would Verité be open to exploring a custom-built theme? (We ask because a large number of our nonprofit clients have found great success with this approach).
A: A proposal offering an alternative to Gutenberg will not be excluded, but our preference at the moment is for Gutenberg. The proposal should provide clear justification and benefits of a custom-built theme.

Q: Why are you looking to move away from Divi? What challenges have you been facing with this tool?
A: Our current site is experiencing significant performance issues, and we were told by another developer that it was because of Divi and that it is a very resource-heavy tool.

Q: What makes you gravitate towards Gutenberg Editor?
A: The ability to set blocks for consistency in font, colors, and size across the site so that individual users cannot change settings.

Q: Can you please share a list of the software/tools you currently use that would require integration (email marketing, CRM, user tracking, etc.)?
A: Constant Contact, Articulate 360/Rise, Infogram.

Q: Are there verbal brand guidelines available for us to work from?
A: We have broad guidelines on tone and reading ease/readability.

Q: Do you have existing brand guidelines for the redesign, or will a brand exploration be needed?
A: We have existing brand and visual identity guidelines for the redesign and will not need a brand exploration.

Q: Have any recent SEO keyword audits been conducted, and is the information available?
A: No, we have not conducted any SEO keyword audits.

Q: There are multiple mentions in the RFP about enhancing security. Have you experienced any specific security issues with your current site?
A: No, but security is a high priority for us.

Q: Are you open to restructuring and/or consolidating interior pages if it improves user experience?
A: Yes, one of the main reasons for this website rebuild is to restructure interior pages and information architecture to improve user experience.

Q: Is there anything specific driving the June deadline?
A: No.

Q: Besides meeting qualification standards and being able to execute the goals for success, are there any specific qualities you’re looking for in a vendor/partner?
A: Specific qualities we are looking for:

  • High level of professionalism with well-developed methods, processes and project management.
  • Proven experience and examples of creating innovative user experience solutions for accessing information and resources.
  • Eye and heart for social justice and social impact work.

Q: Can you share more information about the internal Verité team that will be involved in this process? Who are they and what are their roles for this project?
A: The Director of Communications will provide input and feedback for the creative, written, and visual content; Director of IT & Accounting will ensure security measures are met and interfacing with other existing tech platforms that Verité uses; Design specialist will ensure that design decisions are coherent with Verité’s branding and design standards.

Q: What challenges does the team currently have with Divi that you are looking to have solved in your next content management/publishing tool?
A: Lack of consistency across the website. We’ve also been informed that Divi is a very resource-heavy tool and is contributing to our performance issues.

Q: Where is the current website hosted? Will the host remain the same? 
A: WP Engine. The hosting will remain the same.

Q: I do not see it listed in the deliverables, but we would propose an ongoing maintenance and security updates package to help with ongoing security. Is this something that is currently happening?
A: Yes, we already have a provider for this service.

Q: Can you share any integrations that site currently includes and a brief description of them? (i.e. newsletter signup, job board tools, etc.)
A: Gravity Forms integration with Constant Contact. There are also plugins for Articulate 360/Rise and Infogram.

Q: The general qualifications express the need for the consultant to have expertise in branding. Can you clarify any branding elements that are on the table as part of this project? 
A: It is important that the vendor or consultant have the branding expertise to imbue the visual elements of the website with our brand identity and values. The consultant may also support us in a potential logo refresh.

Q: Are there any website features/functions that your team would like to see on the new website that are currently not there? 
A: Resource library with filter, interactive dashboards, e-learning hub, multilingual option. 

Q: Can you share what has prompted the RFP to be released and what is driving the timeline for the new website to be live? 
A: The impetus of the RPF is primarily due to the technical difficulties we have had with the current CMS and templates, along with the need for a more user-friendly website.

Q: Why are hosting and maintenance out of scope? 
A: We have a separate budget and provider for those services.

Q: Benchmark against 4 NGO peers and 4 unrelated NGOs … what sort of criteria do you have in mind?
A: The criteria should involve websites with exemplary user experience design, information and similar website objectives of resource and knowledge-sharing, innovative methods of displaying and communicating data.  

Q: What sort of visual storytelling do you imagine? Or for what content?
A: Ability to create photo essays/publications similar to this visual storytelling platform. Content can range from research report summaries to case studies.

Q: What do you mean by “knowledge-sharing features”?
A: Verité produces information and resources in the form of toolkits, research reports, guidance documents, e-learning modules, and other materials. Our website requires knowledge-sharing features that make it easy for the user to access, download, and   share materials.

Q: SEO Strategy: do you expect the SEO strategy to be within the stated budget? What about execution?
A: Yes, please include the SEO strategy in the budget. SEO execution can be separate.

Q: For the microsites or sections of your website that seem like a microsite, are these intended to be in scope for the redesign? If so, can you provide a complete list?
A: Examples:

Q: And, regarding the sites listed above, are these the types of microsites referred to in the RFP Deliverables 2g: “Employing Verité’s microsites (projects and initiatives)…” ?
A: Yes.

Q: Interactive charts and graphs: is this the only page? If not, please list the other pages. How are these built now?
A: Examples:

Q: Interactive maps, please list all.
A: Examples:

Q: News – we see a single link to news about Verité and the rest look like blog posts. Is that the plan for the new site, or do you intend to list more media hits from outside news media on the new site?  https://verite.org/news/ 
A: In the future, we would like to link to external media coverage on Verité’s projects and initiatives. 

Q: Do you intend to have site translation for the entire site?
A: Yes. Spanish, Portuguese, French. 

Q: Can you provide any logos in vector format (PDF, EPS, AI)? 
A: Yes.

Q: Accessibility: Are you interested in any training on creating accessible content (videos, pdfs and more) and/or web accessibility in general? Learn more about web accessibility.
A: No.

Q: Would you require hosting, DNS, or SSL services?
A: No.

Q: What CMS platform do you use currently?
A: WordPress.

Q: Where are your clients located and in which languages do you converse with them? Does the site need any multi-lingual support or internationalization?
A: Our clients and stakeholders are global. We will need multilingual website content. 

Q: Does Verité have existing, standardized, and formally documented Brand Identity standards? If so, when can we have access to that documentation?
A: Yes, access to branding guidelines will be given after the contract has been awarded to the provider.

Q: Can you confirm that the new website design will be using the existing brand identity assets as a jumping off point rather than an all-new brand creation?
A: Yes, this process will not involve a new brand creation.

Q: Are “identified KPIs” in Phase 2 Item 6 already established, or is it part of the project to determine them? Are they the same as the “Goals & Success Criteria” below?
A: Analytics metrics and KPIs include the Goals and Success criteria but are not limited to these. Part of the project will be to give support in determining relevant KPIs.

Q: Have there been strategic changes to the vision, mission or any other strategy that would drive the substance or style of the new content?
A: No.

Q: Are there any pages that are receiving significantly more traffic than others?
Open positions and internship opportunities at Verité. (verite.org)
A Vision that People Worldwide Work under Safe, Fair, & Legal Conditions (verite.org)
Forced Labor E-Learning Course (Free) (verite.org)

Q: Do you have current and accurate analytics data? If so, what tool is it (HotJar, Google Analytics, etc.) and will the chosen team be able to access it? If it does not exist or is incomplete, will the chosen team have the opportunity to add/reconfigure the analytics on the current site, at the start of the engagement, to develop some baselines?
A: We have current GA4 data. The selected team will have access to the data. We would need more information on the process of reconfiguring analytics in order to answer.

Q: Under Scope of Work, in Phase 2, item 6, you ask us to provide estimates for “copywriting key landing pages and copywriting support to bring a consistent voice/tone across the website’s main pages.” Members of our team are unsure whether that means there’s a separate budget for copywriting and copywriting support, or if we’re meant to include it in the overall budget.
A: Please include in the overall budget.

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