We provide training to company CSR and procurement staff, auditors, suppliers, workers, government actors, investors, and CSOs globally. 

Our training programs raise awareness and build capacity to help create conditions for ethical and fair employment. Our customized solutions provide practical tools, skills, and knowledge in the areas below. Contact us to learn how we can support your organization.

Program Expertise:
  • Bridge gaps in systems and processes

  • Overcome implementation obstacles

  • Deepen commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values

  • Create sustainable improvements

  • Empower workers to participate in solutions

Training Page Module Image 2: Apparel Factory Workers

Ethical Recruitment for Employers

Topics include worker vulnerability, due diligence on labor agencies, and fees and reimbursement.

Our training programs on effective policies, management systems, and due diligence complement this topic. 

Human Rights Due Diligence

Builds skills and know-how for supply chain and stakeholder mapping, issue identification and risks, root cause analysis, remediation, and prevention.

Training programs are often coupled with effective code of conduct guidance and implementation. 

Training for Migrant and Recruited Workers

We provide guidance for safe, fair, and legal work through the employment lifecycle. Additional lessons can be included for employees who migrate for work.

Labor and Ethics Auditor Training

Material covered typically includes gathering good data and triangulation, interviewing skills, documents and payroll, site observation, data management, and actionable reporting.

Training Page Image 1: Worker Picking Oranges

Effective Code of Conduct Implementation

Our customized training on this topic often accompanies our consulting services for developing robust brand and/or supplier Code of Conduct and Human Rights Due Diligence processes. The curriculum is aimed at rolling out new or existing company policies to employers and/or suppliers.

Gender and Social Responsibility

Training programs on this topic explore the gender dynamics of workplaces to understand the root causes of gender inequality in relation to women and girls, including forms of discrimination and violence. Training will focus on systems change and remediation through gender-sensitive labor risk reduction strategies.

Verité Management Systems Approach

Introduces a systems thinking approach and applies the plan-do-check-act management method used in business for the control and continuous improvement of socially responsible processes.

Suggested additional training curriculum includes effective policies & gathering data.

Worker Wellbeing and Life Skills

Training programs can be catered to employers and managers or directly to workers. Topics include nutrition and health, family finances, labor law, and occupational health and safety.

Training Module Image 3: Construction Workers

Grievance and Feedback

Training covers effective grievance systems, follow-up and remediation, assessing worker wellbeing, worker agency and empowerment, and whistleblower and anonymity mechanisms.

Mars has partnered with Verité to support our strategic human rights goals in our operations and across our cocoa supply chain through specialized training and capacity building. Verité’s training programs are professional, engaging, and have contributed significantly to strengthening due diligence, monitoring, and remediation systems implemented through our supply chain partners.”

Pentland Brands are very pleased to have worked with Verité in the design and delivery of our global Modern Slavery training. Engaging people and cultures worldwide requires a partner with global reputation, experience and reach. Verité ticked all the boxes.”