Course Description

This is a training developed for professionals in healthcare systems involved in the procurement of goods and services. It examines the risk of forced labor and labor trafficking in healthcare, specifically regarding supply chains and service providers. This free course has no prerequisites.

Verité developed the content for this course as part of a multistakeholder collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services and other governmental and civil society organizations. The course offers accreditation to healthcare professionals associated with the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), and the American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM).


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe forced labor, and its causes and impacts on the healthcare sector.
  • Recognize good due diligence in practice.
  • Implement a stronger systems approach to mitigating and responding to forced labor risk in healthcare supply chains and labor recruitment.

Course Duration: Approximately 1 hour to complete.

Course Link:

SOAR for Procurement Professionals in Healthcare Systems
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