Ethical Recruitment Auditor Training

This course unpacks the basics of forced labor, its root causes, and ethical recruitment standards.

This interactive workshop for lead auditors simulates an onsite audit investigation of forced labor indicators. Training will be taught remotely with a blend of self-paced and live, instructor-led sessions.

Using a blend of lecture, discussion, group work, and role play, participants will engage in a document review and get practice interviewing migrant workers, employers, and labor agents.

Sessions cover:

  • The drivers of forced labor risk in recruitment
  • How to plan effective onsite ethical recruitment and employment auditing
  • The role of management systems and risk controls for work site and labor supply chain due diligence
  • Critical data sources and how to use triangulation for validation of findings
  • Selection and analysis of key documents, including payroll
  • Effective engagement with managers and labor brokers
  • Effective rapport building and interviewing of vulnerable migrant workers
  • Analysis of audit data and reporting of findings

Scheduled Training (remote)



Cost: $1800


Agenda Modules
Week 1 Asynchronous Modules
These modules are asynchronous. Participants will need to complete the modules by the end of Week 1. (approx. 7 hrs to complete)
Week 2 Synchronous Sessions
Instructor-led Training via Zoom (4.5 hrs per day)
Week 3 Synchronous Sessions
Instructor-led Training via Zoom (4.5 hrs per day)

Course Trainers

Jet Urmeneta, Trainer

Jet Urmeneta, Trainer

Jet has 20 years of experience working on labor, human rights, and global supply chain social responsibility issues.  Her current responsibilities as Senior Director for Capability Building for the Southeast Asia Region, include developing Social Responsibility programs for various stakeholders (Brands/MNCs/Buyers, Vendors/Licensees, Suppliers/Factories, Contractors/Sub-contractors, Workers, Governments, Employers’ Confederations, and Auditors/CSR practitioners) to find solutions, and develop strategies to address recurring social responsibility and compliance issues.

She has significant international experience on issues of forced labor and trafficking, and implementation of ethical recruitment and employment standards. She is one of the lead consultants in the implementation of Employers Pay Model for the recruitment of foreign workers for suppliers in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.  She has conducted assessments of different migration corridors on forced labor risks and issues, and leads audits for special investigations for factory based foreign contract worker recruitment practices.  

Coco Bagadion, Trainer

Coco Bagadion, Trainer

Coco provides consulting, training and support services for SR compliance management and strategy programs, standards development, auditor training and certification, compliance audits and verification assessments, and corporate and factory or field level corrective actions. He has worked with companies in various industries in successfully implementing their SR programs.

Prior to joining Verité, he held a variety of executive, line management, and staff positions spanning 25 years in the corporate sector. His last position was as vice-president responsible for business performance management and strategy development in a leading multinational pharmaceutical company affiliate in his country locale. He also holds 20 years of factory management experience in a couple of pharmaceutical manufacturing plants wherein he received corporate management recognition for his factories’ achievements in worker improvement teams, productivity, and compliance management systems.

Coco is an engineer by education and has attended corporate-sponsored specialized management and technical training in the USA, Europe, Japan, and the Philippines.

Cezar Bagadion, Trainer

Cezar Bagadion, Trainer

Cezar brings hands-on experience and insight from over 20 years of line management work in the areas of organization development, capability building, and talent management into the Verité programs he leads and manages. He joined Verité in 2010 and has done audits and program assessments in the sectors of palm oil, garments, fishing, and electronics.

Prior to joining Verité, Cezar spent 13 years as the Country Learning and Talent Manager for Unilever (SEA Cluster), a leading multinational company producing personal care, home care goods, and food products.

Maria Teresa (Angel) Tatlonghari-Mateo, Trainer

Maria Teresa (Angel) Tatlonghari-Mateo, Trainer

Maria Teresa (Angel) Tatlonghari-Mateo is a social development specialist, trainer facilitator and advocate. She has served as trainer – facilitator, training consultant and subject matter expert for various training programs of different Philippine government agencies, local and international NGOs and civil society organizations.

Her latest work is the development of courses on Ethical Recruitment and On the Level Training of Trainers for The Fair Hiring Initiative. Currently, she is a Social Compliance Auditor of Verité Southeast Asia.

What students have said about the Verité Ethical Recruitment Auditing course:

“Very robust, and all social auditors should definitely attend at least once.”

“I valued the specific examples that [the trainer] provided during her sessions the most. Experience sharing is most helpful to relate to our own experiences.”

“Materials that are given along with the activities were so brilliant! We could check on our understanding of the subject given right away.”

“Extremely helpful. Ethical recruitment remains a sensitive issue and it’s good that we are trained on the topic.”


Training Programs

We offer customized web-based training programs in the following areas:

  • Labor and Ethics Auditor Training
  • Verité Management Systems Approach
  • Labor and Human Rights Risk Detection and Management
  • Industry- or Commodity-specific Root Cause Analysis
  • Supplier Code of Conduct Compliance and Due Diligence
  • Ethical Recruitment
  • Worker Participation and Empowerment

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