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Worker Rights to FoA and Participation Assessment Tools

Tools for Assessing Respect for Workers’ Rights to Freedom of Association (FoA) and Participation


Verité has developed assessment and improvement tools for supplier facilities, buyers, and other stakeholders to evaluate and enhance facility-level management systems pertaining to workers’ rights, including freedom of association, worker communication, feedback mechanisms, and participation. Additionally, we offer a suite of training and guidance materials for workers, labor organizations, facility managers, and international buyers to enhance their awareness, knowledge, and skills in advancing workers’ rights to freedom of association and workplace participation.

While our assessment tools have global applicability, the e-learning training materials for managers and workers are tailored to workplaces in China.

Assessment Toolkit


This toolset is tailored to evaluate facility-level systems and practices concerning workers’ Freedom of Association (FoA) rights and participation. Comprising seven tools, the main Excel tool encompasses 120 assessment criteria covering FoA rights, collective bargaining, union effectiveness, communication, feedback mechanisms (including grievance procedures), and worker participation,

This toolkit is suitable for supplier self-assessments or independent third-party assessments. In self-assessment scenarios, external stakeholders such as international brands or third-party auditors can use verification columns to validate supplier findings. Detailed instructions for tool use are provided within the tool’s instructions section and in the project’s Guidance Manual.






Advanced Workers Participation Guidance Manual

Worker Participation Guidance Manual

This guidance manual aims to assist international buyers and their suppliers, particularly those in China, in implementing a comprehensive approach to respect workers’ rights to freedom of association and enhance worker participation at the facility level.

Structured into three key sections Benchmarking, Capacity Building, and Facilitation—the manual provides a detailed explanation of assessment criteria and toolkit usage for assessing and enhancing operational management systems concerning FoA and worker participation. The Capacity Building section introduces a comprehensive set of E-learning modules focusing on workers’ rights to FoA and worker participation, tailored for managers and workers in Chinese social contexts. The Facilitation section offers guidance on translating benchmarking results and acquired knowledge and skills into actionable steps, primarily targeting international buyers and supplier management.

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To aid international buyers in facilitating positive changes in their Chinese supplier factories, the manual discusses the broader political and social contexts for FoA and worker participation in China, highlighting both limitations and opportunities. It also introduces a management system-based approach to empower suppliers with proactive and systematic means to enhance their policies and practices related to worker participation.

Acknowledging that respecting workers’ rights and promoting worker participation is an ongoing process, the approach emphasizes continuous measurement, development, and improvement. By systematically identifying and addressing gaps in supplier management systems and enhancing the knowledge and skills of management and workers, while providing a supportive framework for engagement, buyers can cultivate an inclusive and participatory relationship with suppliers and their workforce. This benefits not only workers and suppliers but also strengthens the relationship between buyers and suppliers, contributing to the overall business success of buyers


Worker Rights and Participation Assessment Tools

Worker Rights and Assessment Tools

Worker and Management Training Modules

Worker and Management Training Modules

AWP Guidance Manual

Worker Participation Guidance Manual