Has Bahrain’s Flexi-Permit Lived Up to Its Hype?
One year after its launch, Migrant-rights.org asks, “Has the Flexi-Permit lived up to the praise and expectations?”

Labor Department Says Workers at a Gig Company Are Contractors
From The New York Times: “The Labor Department weighed in Monday on a question whose answer could be worth billions of dollars to gig-economy companies, deciding that one company’s workers were contractors, not employees.”

International Worker’s Day Around the World
The Guardian published photos of May Day protests across Europe and Asia.

US Ban on Slave-made Goods Nets Tiny Fraction of $400 Billion Threat
From Reuters: “The value of suspicious shipments seized so far under the 2016 law amount to 0.0015 percent of the estimated $400 billion in tainted goods believed to enter the U.S. market each year.”

How Apparel Brand Purchasing Practices Drive Labor Abuses
A new report from the Human Rights Watch details how an apparel brand’s business decisions can threaten a supplier’s bottom line and incentivize abusive workplace conditions, undercutting the brand’s own efforts to support fair labor conditions.

High Court Rules Chicken Catcher Bosses Exploited Workers in Modern Slavery Case
From Leigh Day: “The High Court has ruled in favour of a group of Lithuanian men who were put to work in terrible conditions by a British company, catching chickens at farms all over the country.”


Photo: shutterstock.com/John Grummitt

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