January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month
To learn about human trafficking, visit our free e-learning courses, explore our resources for tools and reports on risks in commodity supply chains, and visit the Trafficking Risk in Sub-Saharan African Supply Chain Website and the Responsible Sourcing Tool.
From an article on the World Economic Forum website: Business has an interest and responsibility to support human rights defenders and civic freedoms.
From the Guardian: “The UK and Malaysian government have launched separate investigations after the Guardian reported allegations that factories supplying rubber gloves to the NHS were exploiting migrant workers in conditions of forced labour.”
A new survey from Clutch shows that “people expect more responsibility, action, and accountability from businesses and tend to shop at companies that share their values.”

The photo included is used solely to illustrate the locations and situations in which risk of forced or child labor is being discussed. The people shown in the photo(s) do not represent any specific person or group of people noted in the text.
Photo credit: Venusvi/Shutterstock.com 

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