Verité is a signatory of the letter published by the Economic Policy Institute in support of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. The letter calls on Congress to quickly enact this legislation to ensure working people are paid fairly, treated with dignity, and have a voice on the job.
Verité Board Chair Michael Musuraca and David Wood co-authored an article in Responsible Investor, stating, “Investors have to participate in a discussion about the relationship between citizens, communities, workers, corporations, investors, and the state.”
An article in the Harvard Business Review explores how multinational corporations can lower their risk of exposure to financial, social, and environmental risks that lower-tier suppliers can present.
The Antislavery in Domestic Legislation Project launched its database in mid-February to provide insight into the extent to which slavery and related forms of human exploitation have been prohibited in domestic law.
A publication from the ILO notes Verité’s partnership with the organization to develop a tool box for addressing recruitment practices in horticulture and vegetable supply chains.

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