A new report by ICAR and Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) reviews progress made under current modern slavery reporting requirements and issues recommendations for improvement.
As shared in a recent ILO press release, “the ‘Child Labour in the Arab Region: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis’ report is the first to provide an overview of the profile and trends of child labour in the League’s 22 member states.”
Worker Engagement Supported by Technology (WEST) Principles released a new report seeking to promote broader and meaningful adoption of digital tools used to gather information from workers in global supply chains about their working conditions and needs.
An opinion piece in Bloomberg.com states, “The iPhone maker has made great progress in reducing supplier violations, including use of bonded and underage employees.”
An article in The New Yorker by Miriam Posner examines the impact supply chain management software has on factory workers.

Photo credit: shutterstock.com/aerogondo2

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