The Big Business Behind the Low Wage J-1 Au Pair Program
A new report explores the structural deficiencies in the J-1 au pair program that contribute to labor rights abuses. Verité is a member of the International Labor Recruitment Working Group that published the report.

Stronger Standards for Sustainable Palm Oil
From Food Ingredients First: global investors call on the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to strengthen its standards for certifying the sustainable production of palm oil.

End of Exit Permits for 1.5MM Migrant Workers in Qatar
Qatar approves legislation stating that migrant workers covered by the Labour Code will not have to seek their employer’s permission to leave the country.

Harvard Offers Pay Parity Between Outsourced Workers and University Employees
To remove the contract incentives of outsourcing lower-paying positions, in 2002 Harvard instituted a policy that outsourced workers must be offered the same wages and benefits as those on Harvard’s payroll. Now workers often make over $20 an hour.

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