A worker repairs a blue fishing net

Big brands from Disney to Walmart back tech startups to tackle supply chain slavery
Humanity United, in partnership with major corporations and the British government, has launched a $23 million venture fund to invest in new technologies combating modern slavery.

Seafood Slavery Risk Tool
The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, Liberty Asia, and the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership have released a web-based risk resource that rates the likelihood that forced labor, human trafficking, or hazardous child labor is occurring on fishing boats in a fishery.

The Hidden Cost of Jewelry: Human rights in supply chains and the responsibility of jewelry companies
In this new report, Human Rights Watch examines 13 major jewelry brands and their approaches to addressing human rights issues in their jewelry supply chains.

No hiding place for slaves as Primark maps its suppliers
Fashion retailer Primark has published an online map showing detailed information about 600+ of its suppliers’ factories.

Uber, Deliveroo food couriers want better pay, working conditions
Australian trade unions are demanding better pay and working conditions for food delivery workers in this piece from The Guardian.

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