Construction workers in India pass bricks to one another

Today, December 18, is International Migrants Day. To mark the occasion, Verité is proud to announce the launch of a new eLearning course on human trafficking in the global economy. This course joins our recently released module on forced labor. It is free, self-paced and interactive, designed for business and other stakeholders to help them better understand, identify and address human trafficking in global supply chains. In the module you will find case studies, quizzes and information on at-risk sectors, indicators of abuse and strategies for business and supply chain engagement. You can access the course from our eLearning page.

Human trafficking is a serious violation of human rights. We recently shared the words of migrants themselves describing the challenges they face at the Skoll World Forum site. The problem affects migrants and other vulnerable workers across industries including agriculture, manufacturing, extractives, hospitality, health services and many more. No global business is immune. For migrants, the risk of exploitation is severe, particularly for undocumented workers but also for those that migrate legally; for example, under Temporary Foreign Worker programs. Forced labor, debt bondage and what many call modern forms of slavery are often the result of human trafficking.

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