At Verité, we recognize that diversity is crucial not only because we strive to create a socially just and inclusive society, but also because diverse backgrounds strengthen and improve our organization and its work. Verité is proud to announce a new initiative at our Amherst headquarters. Last month, we launched the Diversity and Inclusivity Committee with a vision to create an inclusive environment and culture for our entire organization. This committee meets biweekly and works to support and encourage thinking and working effectively in ways that build positively on the different perspectives of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy status, class, religion, ability, age, political opinion, union affiliation, and other identities. Some of the discussions and questions being explored in the committee’s meetings include:

  • How do we define diversity?
  • How do we measure the existing diversity within our organization?
  • How do we shift our office culture to be more inclusive?

Working groups have been formed to address these questions as they relate to specific issues such as recruitment, staff training, and communications. In hopes of increasing and improving our outreach and recruitment efforts to traditionally underrepresented populations, we have identified a number of new outlets where we will post job and internship openings. Additionally, we are reaching out to other local nonprofits to share best practices.

Through a framework of learning, practicing, and aspiring, Verité staff will benefit from a series of group learning activities to foster dialogue around topics including race, gender expression, and hidden biases.

If you would like to share best practices or offer suggestions for this new endeavor, please contact Debbie Zeidenberg.

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