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In announcing its responsible sourcing aspirations in 2016, Target Corporation committed to monitor for forced labor throughout its supply chain and to take swift action to eliminate it if discovered.  

In addition, Target championed last year’s Consumer Goods Forum Resolution on Forced Labor. The group’s commitment includes the adoption of three key principles: that every worker should have freedom of movement, no worker should pay for a job and no worker should be indebted or coerced to work. 

Verité is very pleased to have been recently engaged by Target, on a long-term basis, to assist them to assess the risks faced by migrant workers in their supply chain, develop policies and processes to protect foreign contract workers, and set clear expectations for suppliers. We will also be supporting Target as they implement the necessary changes in standards and guidance and build the capacity of their supply base to ensure the improvements are sustained. 

Work has already begun. Driving meaningful change takes time. As the work continues, Target will report on their progress each year in their Corporate Social Responsibility Report. 

For more information, please contact Declan Croucher.

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