On Wednesday, November 2, 2016 from 3:00pm – 6:00pm, Verité and Eileen Fisher will hold a meeting on vulnerable immigrant workers in the U.S.


Eileen Fisher will host the meeting in their New York City offices with major retailers, garment manufacturers, electronics brands, and agricultural companies to discuss key risks related to immigrant workers employed in the U.S. and ways in which companies can engage to reduce the risk of exploitation of immigrant workers in their supply chains.


Verité audits, as well as in-depth research in the U.S. agricultural and manufacturing sectors, have found that both undocumented immigrant workers and legal guest workers are extremely vulnerable to exploitation, including forced labor and human trafficking (see Undocumented Workers in the US Garment Sector: An Assessment and Guide for Brands and Immigrant Workers in U.S. Agriculture: The Role of Labor Brokers in Vulnerability to Forced Labor).


Attendees will learn from experts about core issues and challenges surrounding guest workers and undocumented workers in a range of sectors; learn from policy advocates about the ways in which companies are engaging on these issues; and participate in a facilitated conversation with companies on potential opportunities for engagement.


There are still a limited number of spaces available for this event. Brand representatives may reserve a space or request additional information by emailing us.

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