Verite Summer Interns 2017

Over the summer, Verité welcomed 11 interns to work on projects across the Research, Assessments, and Business Development departments. Interns make meaningful contributions to our organization. Among the many projects summer interns worked on, they conducted research for and supported the publication of, Risk Analysis of Labor Violations Among Farmworkers in the Guatemalan Sugar Sector and Verité’s Forced Labor Commodity Atlas.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the following interns for their hard work and dedication to advance our mission. Thank you!

Kayla Ahmed, University of Connecticut: Emerging Markets, Responsible Recruitment

Daniel Barondes, University of North Carolina: Emerging Markets, Responsible Recruitment, Sugar, Commodity Atlas

Maximilian Beauchene, Hampshire College: Sub-Saharan Africa

Claire Beckett, Mount Holyoke College: Emerging Markets, Responsible Recruitment, Commodity Atlas, Sugar

Sarah Brown-Anson, University of Massachusetts: Coffee, Emerging Markets, Sugar

Simi Esan, Mount Holyoke College: Marketing and Communications, Commodity Atlas, Sub-Saharan Africa, Responsible Sourcing Tool

Gabriella Lifsec, Cornell University: Coffee, Sugar, Migrant Workers in the United States, Emerging Markets, Audits

Naing Phyo, Middlebury College: Responsible Recruitment, Forestry, Sugar

Sofie Raiffa, Mount Holyoke College: Audits, Emerging Markets, Responsible Recruitment, Migrant Workers in the United States, Commodity Atlas, Sugar, Sub-Saharan Africa

Adele Stock, Mount Holyoke College: Sub-Saharan Africa

Taré Suriel, Smith College: Responsible Recruitment, Marketing and Communications, Emerging Markets, Commodity Atlas

Verité welcomes interns year-round and offers a stipend for fall, spring, and summer internships. While we are no longer accepting applications for the Fall 2017 Research and Communications Internships, we continue to seek applications for the Fall 2017 IT/Computer Systems Internship.



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