Work Behind Bars

The U.S. prison system has been under increasing scrutiny in recent years for issues such as systematic racism, inhumane conditions, overcrowding, and sexual violence. While these issues are extremely pressing, another important issue, forced prison labor, is often overlooked. Therefore, as a labor rights organization, Verité determined that we could most effectively contribute to the critique of the U.S. prison system by lending an international human rights lens to the conversation on prison labor.

Responding to Refugee Vulnerability to Trafficking: Ukraine and Beyond

The political and humanitarian crises in Ukraine are reshaping the landscape for supply chain accountability throughout the broader region. More than 4 million refugees have fled Ukraine into neighboring countries, according to the UN. Prior to the Ukraine crisis, the numbers of internally displaced people and refugees globally were already at record highs, with more than 26 million Syrians, Central Americans, Venezuelans, South Sudanese, Rohingya, and others living as refugees abroad, and more than 84 million people around the world forcibly displaced in the first half of 2021.

World Vision y su Rol para Mejorar la Vida de Las y Los Trabajadores

La tierra sigue siendo un lugar muy injusto para muchos. No es ninguna novedad que hay millones de personas viviendo en condiciones vulnerables, sin posibilidad de cubrir sus necesidades básicas o lograr su pleno desarrollo. Las brechas de desigualdad se han vuelto cada vez más difíciles de cerrar, pero un mundo así no debe ni puede continuar. Todas las personas merecen una oportunidad y, para ello, se necesita una transformación humana que mejore las condiciones de vida.


World Vision and Its Role in Improving Workers’ Lives:
Our planet is still a very unfair place for many. It is no news that there are millions of people living in vulnerable conditions, unable to meet their basic needs or achieve their full development. Inequality gaps have become difficult to close, but such a world should not and cannot continue. Everyone deserves a chance, and this requires a human transformation to improve living conditions.

2021: A Year in Review

Only a year ago, stories about supply chains were seldom featured in the media. As we arrive at the close of 2021, news stories focusing on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains is provided daily, and reports in the media have made consumers increasingly aware of where the goods they purchase come from, how they are made, and who works to harvest, produce, and deliver those goods.

What We’re Talking About in December 2021

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Combating Forced and Child Labor of Refugees in Global Supply Chains: The Role of Responsible Sourcing

Verité and the Tent Partnership for Refugees’ new report “Combating Forced and Child Labor of Refugees in Global Supply Chains: The Role of Responsible Sourcing” offers guidance that can help companies hire and incorporate refugees into their supply chains and advocate for their rights as a proactive strategy towards combating forced labor.