2022 A Year in Review

The end of the year provides a welcome opportunity to share a recap of some of Verité’s latest accomplishments. As is demonstrated by the selection of projects and accomplishments highlighted below, Verité’s work is characterized by deep knowledge and expertise across many issues and supply chains, and by our commitment to collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including governments, companies, unions, workers, producer organizations, civil society groups, and investors, among others.

Addressing Forced Labor Risk in West African Cocoa

In 2022, Verité continued its leadership role on the issue of forced labor in the West African cocoa industry, implementing trainings for cocoa suppliers on identifying and addressing forced labor, and supporting cocoa companies to develop response protocols to help them respond promptly and effectively when indicators of forced labor are found.

Forced Labor Indicators in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana

The Forced Labor Indicators Project (FLIP) collaborated with government, civil society, trade unions, and private sector stakeholders in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire to conduct 15 trainings in 2022, facilitating exchange of learnings and co-creation of materials and resources for diverse stakeholders, and encouraging cooperation in addressing forced labor and trafficking risk in both countries.

Responsible Sourcing Tool in 2022

Verité’s Responsible Sourcing Tool (RST) is a leading public resource on the risks of human trafficking in global supply chains, providing free, practical tools for combatting trafficking risk for U.S. federal contractors and other actors. In 2022, new tools for the facilities services sector were added to the site, with more resources coming soon.

Farm Labor Due Diligence in 2022

The Farm Labor Due Diligence Initiative is a Verité-led collaborative launched in 2022 to help define and support good human rights due diligence in global agricultural supply chains. The project centers on creation of open-source tools and other resources and is supported by an Advisory Council of leading companies and civil society organizations.

CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen in 2022

In 2022 Verité’s patented, secure, technology-driven CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™ system implemented a new Employer Pays Verification feature and surpassed a major milestone, having proactively screened more than 1,000 entities in global supply chains for the presence of the ILO forced labor indicators.

SENDEROS in 2022

The Sowing Rights, Harvesting Better Futures (SENDEROS) project promotes adherence of the sugarcane and tobacco sectors in Mexico to national regulations and international labor standards. In 2022, SENDEROS collaborated with the Mexican government, companies, producers, and farmworkers to build capacities to detect, remedy, and prevent labor rights issues.