An apparel factory.

The New American Apparel: Claims of ‘Ethically Made’ Abroad Clash with Reality
Since its sale to Gildan, American Apparel has moved operations outside of the United States, a move that conflicts with the brand’s Made in the USA label.

ANALYSIS-Lawmakers Push for US Ban on Slave-made Goods to Sharpen its Bite
Lawmakers advocate for border authorities to increase inspections of imports.

Responsible Recruitment – Remediating Worker-Paid Recruitment Fees 
A new Institute for Human Rights and Business report focuses on reimbursement of worker-paid recruitment fees, the sixth step of the Employer Pays Principle.

Workers Lured to Australia Find Low Pay and Tough Conditions 
The New York Times chronicles the working conditions of migrant workers to Australia.

Brazil’s ‘Chicken Catchers’ are Victims of Forced Labor: Report 
A new report from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy details forms of modern day slavery in Brazil’s meat and poultry industries.

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