Housing rubble from the Nepal Earthquake

Verité has met Nepali workers around the world—aspirational migrants who have journeyed thousands of miles to Qatar, the UAE, and Malaysia to get jobs that they hope will provide income for their families so that they can send their children to school, pay for needed health care, build homes for their parents, and save to start a business. They have generously shared their stories with us in hopes that we can share them with companies and policy-makers so that the future can be better for them, their families and their country. 

We are heartbroken to think of these workers so far from home desperate for news of their families after the earthquake. We hear from our friends and colleagues in Nepal about their own tragedies and the need for collective action to rebuild.

We can’t do much in the face of a problem of this magnitude, so we reach out to our network to suggest that they support a great organization that does great work in Nepal: GoodWeave International. GoodWeave works to end child labor, and reaches thousands of victims with support, including rescue and rehabilitation, livelihood and education. Follow this link to view their extraordinary introductory video, “Stand With Sanju,” and please consider donating to help rebuild GoodWeave’s shelter in Kathmandu.

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