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Thank you to our donors, and to the Skoll Foundation!

In the fall, we asked you (repeatedly!) to donate to our online fundraising campaign. Today we present results, and discuss impact.

The campaign (and all associated fees) were generously covered by the Skoll Foundation, which has been an extraordinarily supportive partner to us and other exceptional organizations for years. The Foundation, sensing an opportunity to help its portfolio of organizations tap into the potential for online fundraising, has for two years running set up a campaign to help us raise money. In addition to covering fees and costs, Skoll creates incentives and provides matching funds.

As a result, Verité—an organization that relies on fee-for-service revenue and some large grants—raised more money than we’ve ever done before: a total of over $75,000. Thank you to our donors. Thank you in particular to our Board of Directors who donated generously and tapped their own networks. Thank you to our staff who reached out to their friends and families. And thank you to our colleagues in the Skoll portfolio whose fundraising expertise meant a bigger match for all of us.

What will we do with these donated funds?

    • Research the link between illegal mining, global supply chains, labor trafficking and organized crime in Latin America. We’ll use our research as the basis for solutions that we can present to multinational jewelry companies.
    • Convene Chinese food companies, together with Chinese government agencies, to explore strategies for improving respect for labor rights in the supply chains of these so-called ‘emerging multinationals.’
    • Identify patterns of migration and debt in mining and agriculture supply chains in Tanzania. 
    • Share with the public the lessons that Verité has learned in five years of helping multinationals address child labor in smallholder farm supply chains.

Donations to Verité enable us to identify new risks and violations of human rights in the global economy and bring them to the business community to address. We’re grateful for your support and look forward to continuing the conversation. 

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