A worker carries cane at a sugar plantation in Latin America

Verité is pleased to announce the publication of our latest research report, “Risk Analysis of Labor Violations Among Farmworkers in the Guatemalan Sugar Sector: A Report on Findings from Rapid Appraisal Research.”

This research revealed a high degree of vulnerability to labor trafficking for workers in the Guatemalan sugar sector. Our exploratory research found several indicators of human trafficking, including: deceptive recruitment, debt bondage, child labor, inadequate food, surveillance, risks to worker health and safety, and hazardous working conditions. Verité found that workers are subjected to conditions that can have an alarming impact on their long-term health and can be subject to labor abuses from the moment they are recruited.

Verité recommends that all stakeholders, including government agencies, foundations, international organizations, and brands, seek to support more in-depth research to measure the prevalence of labor abuses and labor trafficking in the Guatemalan sugar sector. Companies should address potential risks in their supply chains and the Guatemalan government should take steps to protect agricultural workers, especially those employed on sugarcane plantations, from labor abuse.

For more information, please contact Shawn MacDonald.

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