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CH2M launches new industry group to protect worker rights

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DENVER, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CH2M, in collaboration with five other leading engineering and construction companies, launched a new industry group to protect the rights and welfare of workers worldwide, “Building Responsibly.” Tawny Chritton, CH2M’s Director of Social Impact, was elected chair of the organization’s Steering Committee.

CH2M places great importance on ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of workers involved in our projects, and we have worked closely with fair labor expert, Verité, to implement our own worker welfare policy and foster industry collaboration.

“This launch is the product of a robust stakeholder engagement process that CH2M initiated two years ago with the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB),” said Chritton. “We are thrilled to see this organization become a reality and are looking forward to substantive collaboration with our industry peers and others to effect positive change for workers, companies and our clients around the world.”

Verité was pleased to see that Building Responsibly focuses on three key industry issues that affect workers – company recruitment practices, working and living conditions, and subcontractor and supply chain management.

The group’s founding member firms (CH2M, Amec Foster Wheeler, Bechtel, Fluor, Multiplex and Vinci) have committed to policies and programs to respect the rights and improve the welfare of workers within their operations and supply chains. Building Responsibly will enable companies to further advance their programs by sharing best practices, agreeing on common approaches and standards, developing tools and engaging clients, civil society, governments and international organizations. Companies will be able to align with regulations and stakeholder expectations while increasing productivity and fostering a better environment for workers. Membership of Building Responsibly is open to engineering and construction companies that are committed to respecting the rights and welfare of workers.

Building Responsibly will be facilitated by BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) with support from Humanity United. BSR Managing Director Margaret Jungk commented, “Demonstrating the respect for human rights in operations and supply chains will become a minimum requirement to win work in the future. Companies will be able to align their activities and benefit from their collective knowledge and capacity on this issue.”

“Humanity United believes companies play a vital role in protecting workers in their supply chains,” said Catherine Chen, Humanity United’s Director of Investments. “We are pleased to support the formation of Building Responsibly to harness the engineering and construction sector’s ingenuity to promote and uphold the rights and welfare of workers.”

CH2M and the other founding member companies held the first General Assembly meeting for Building Responsibly on February 27, followed by a multi-stakeholder launch on February 28 in London.
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