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2021 World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labor, commemorated each year on June 12, is a day to reflect on the situation of children and families who must resort to child labor to make ends meet. Through our programing and publicly-available resources, Verité is committed to the fight against child labor and promoting decent work for adults.

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COFFEE Project Pilot Projects Launch in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico

As part of Verité’s ongoing work to improve labor practices in the Latin American coffee sector under the U.S. Department of Labor-funded Cooperation on Fair, Free, Equitable Employment (COFFEE) Project, this year we are launching pilot projects in three key coffee producing countries — Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

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What We’re Talking About in June

COVID-19 Pandemic Fueling Child Labor | Leading Human Rights Scholars Stand with Maritza and Adareli by Filing a Supplement under the USMCA | USDOL Withdraws “Independent Contract Rule” | CBP Ramps Up Efforts to Fight Forced Labor

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Supporting the Labor Movement and People of Myanmar

Verité and Verité Southeast Asia stand in solidarity with the labor rights movement and the people of Myanmar in condemning the military coup which took place on February 1, 2021. Furthermore, Verité and VSEA strongly denounce the violent crackdown perpetrated by the Myanmar military and police forces against its citizens practicing their right to peacefully protest.

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Verité’s New Approaches to Fighting Abuse of Indian Workers in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Through generous funding by the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL), Verité is continuing to support workers navigating risks in new labor markets between Uttar Pradesh, India and the Gulf States. This project focuses on building capacities of partners to provide guidance to workers during the recruitment process in Uttar Pradesh, and to safely navigate systems for addressing any exploitation they may encounter during employment in the Gulf.

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What We’re Talking About in April

Assessing Purchasing Practices Impacts on Suppliers and Workers | Voices of Freedom Initiative to Collect and Share Stories of Those Who Have Experienced Human Trafficking | Leading Experts Call for OHS to Be Made Fundamental Right | Uber Drivers Entitled to Workers’ Rights in UK | It Is Not Up to Consumers to Police Modern Slavery

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Assessing Labor Risk for Workers Migrating from the Philippines to Europe

With over 368,000 Filipino citizens in Europe, the Philippines is a key source of labor in the region. With the support of Porticus, Verité conducted an assessment of labor risks for Filipino migrant workers involved in the fishing, seafaring, and domestic work sectors in Europe, as well as in two emerging host countries for Filipino workers: the Czech Republic and Poland.

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What We’re Talking About in February 2021

Study Explores the Response of the Private Sector to COVID-19 | Mars Wrigley Cocoa for Generations Program Releases Report on Its Human Rights Efforts in Cocoa | Federal Labor Standards Enforcement in Agriculture | Developing Freedom: The Sustainable Development Case for Ending Modern Slavery, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking | Migrants Are Doing the Jobs South Koreans Sneer At | Labor groups launch website to promote new approach for achieving living wages in the garment industry | Labor Groups Launch Website to Promote New Approach for Achieving Living Wages in the Garment Industry

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New Project to Support Enhanced Tracing of Goods Made with Child and Forced Labor

Verité is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative to support the enhanced tracing of goods made with child and forced labor. The STREAMS project (Supply Chain Tracing and Engagement Methodologies) will be implemented by Verité in collaboration with organizations that include Phylagen, RCS Global, the Responsible Sourcing Network and Sourcemap.

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