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Responding to Refugee Vulnerability to Trafficking: Ukraine and Beyond

The political and humanitarian crises in Ukraine are reshaping the landscape for supply chain accountability throughout the broader region. More than 4 million refugees have fled Ukraine into neighboring countries, according to the UN. Prior to the Ukraine crisis, the numbers of internally displaced people and refugees globally were already at record highs, with more than 26 million Syrians, Central Americans, Venezuelans, South Sudanese, Rohingya, and others living as refugees abroad, and more than 84 million people around the world forcibly displaced in the first half of 2021.

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2021: A Year in Review

Only a year ago, stories about supply chains were seldom featured in the media. As we arrive at the close of 2021, news stories focusing on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chains is provided daily, and reports in the media have made consumers increasingly aware of where the goods they purchase come from, how they are made, and who works to harvest, produce, and deliver those goods.

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What We’re Talking About in December 2021

​New Global Initiative to Empower Workers, Ensure Rights, Promote Democracy | World Migration Report 2022 | The Role Institutional Investors Can Play in the Fight Against Forced Labor and Modern Slavery | Small Children are Climbing 60-Foot Trees to Harvest Your Açaí | The Secretive Prisons That Keep Migrants Out of Europe | The Supply Chain Crisis is a Labor Crisis

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What We’re Talking About in November 2021

New Report Shows Rise in Child Labor Globally | Support for EU Law to Hold Companies Liable for Human Rights Violations & Environmental Harms | Historic Decision for the Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Colombia | Migrant Workers Face Heightened Risk of Death and Injury | And More

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What We’re Talking About in October 2021

​ILAB Launches New Compliance and Accountability Resource | EPA Takes Action to Address Risk from Chlorpyrifos to Children & Farmworkers | Agreement on New, Expanded Bangladesh Accord | Liz Shuler Elected President of AFL-CIO | Other People’s Rotten Jobs Are Bad for Them | And More

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What We’re Talking About in August 2021

Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President, Dies at Age 72. From "Trumka was the nation’s clearest voice on the critical need to ensure that all workers have a good job and the power to determine their wages and working conditions." U.S. Black Women Face a...

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New Private Security Industry Tools at

The private security sector is one of the fastest growing in the world, as security guards are increasingly hired to guard factories, office buildings, extractive worksites, residential facilities, transport hubs, and hotels, in addition to military and other government facilities. Migrant workers are often hired for these positions and, as such, a risk of human trafficking exists.

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