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Our friends at .eco are very close to an important milestone: the launch of a new web address ending for the environmental movement, which has potential for better alignment between groups like Verité that promote the human elements of sustainability with those addressing challenges to the natural world.

Founded by two environmentalists and former United Nations Environment Programme staffers, .eco is a new domain name ending —also known as a top-level domain — for those committed to positive change for the planet. The .eco ending is only available to companies, governments, organizations, or individuals working toward a sustainable future.

To secure a domain, registrants pledge their commitment to .eco’s principles and purpose, as well as continuously affirm this pledge by sharing information on their environmentally-friendly actions.

A few years ago, Verité joined as a .eco Champion with more than 50 organizations, including Conservation International, WWF and NRDC, to support the creation of this new opportunity for the sustainability community to promote their efforts, share ideas, and direct Internet traffic to trusted partners. Verité’s CEO, Shawn MacDonald, serves on the Dot Eco Council, which has advised and guided .eco’s founders on the road to this important moment.

“The members of the .eco community have a long track record of changing the world for the better,” said MacDonald. “Verite’s vision of a world where people work under safe, fair, and legal conditions aligns with .eco’s principles and we’re proud to be an early member of the coalition.”

Advanced registration for a .eco domain extension on a first-come-first-served basis begins April 18, 2017, in conjunction with the beginning of Earth Week. General availability opens on April 25. In the meantime, you can explore some of the organizations and companies who are early adopters of this new web address ending. Verité looks forward to working with .eco and other civil society organizations to leverage this new domain name to promote a world in which the term “eco” is synonymous with practices that are sustainable for workers, communities, and the natural environment. 

Moussou N’Diaye, a Verité Intern, contributed to this article. For more information about Verité’s Internships, visit our Careers Page.

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