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  1. At a meeting convened by Secretary of State Kerry at the White House in January, we released a report highlighting the riskiest sectors at the intersection of Trafficking in Persons and government procurement.  
  2. In June, The Atlantic reported on our work with Patagonia to address forced labor in APPAREL production in Taiwan.  
  3. With philanthropic support and the help of a big data company, we have launched a scalable pilot to map shared exposure to risky labor brokers. 
  4. We released a White Paper for companies sourcing APPAREL in the UNITED STATES that can guide them to understand risks and take steps to protect workers. 
  5. In July, Verité began a two-year project on Improving Supply Chain Transparency, Monitoring, and Accountability in Guatemala’s Coffee Sector in partnership with REACH (Research-Education-Action-Change), a Guatemala-based NGO working on human and labor rights issues throughout the Americas. 
  6. Verité and the PALM OIL INNOVATION GROUP continue to push that sector towards respect for workers’ rights. 
  7. We worked with construction firm CH2M Hill to bring investment in worker welfare into the CONSTRUCTION SECTOR.
  8. In October we launched our new Labor Rights Portal, an important new resource designed to make what we have learned in our nearly two decades of working to end labor violations around the world more accessible and understandable for website visitors.
  9. In November, Nestle released the results of an assessment of its FISH SUPPLY CHAIN, including our findings of high risk practices on fishing boats, processing plants and shrimp farms, as well as the company’s action plan to address these vulnerabilities.
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