Verité was pleased to attend the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD)’s Civil Society Days held in Marrakesh, Morocco in early December. Over three hundred civil society organizations from around the world participated in the GFMD this year. These meetings occurred as part of the broader Marrakesh Migration Week, which culminated with the formal adoption of the Global Compact on Migration (GCM).
The primary focus of the GFMD’s Civil Society Days was the GCM and the vital role civil society plays in keeping the human rights of migrants at the forefront of the implementation of this important international agreement. Verité was proud to sign on to and support the Joint Civil Society Statement made to UN member states at the adoption of the GCM. Among other important issues, the Statement advocates for the core labor rights of migrant workers. Fair migration and recruitment are central pillars to the GCM, and Verité looks forward to continuing to engage with both civil society and member states in the next phase of implementing the GCM and bringing real change to the lives of migrants and migrant workers around the world.
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