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FLIP has developed the following educational materials to enhance understanding of the ILO’s definition of forced labour and indicators of forced labour. They are designed to help users improve their knowledge to address forced labour risk. They are free to use and can be accessed by your institution at any time. For printable versions of the self-paced online learning resources, please contact


Forced Labour Frameworks

This course lays the foundation for understanding forced labour, as defined by international and Ghanaian law. Voir la version Française ici.
FLIP Training Participants

Portal with Specialized Resources for Trainers

This link provides access to specialized training materials for use by government, civil society, and private sector trainers who have been capacitated by the Forced Labor Indicators Project.


The ILO Forced Labour Indicators

This course explains the International Labour Organization’s forced labour indicators, how the indicators can be operationalized, and how they relate to root causes of forced labour vulnerability. Voir la version Française ici.

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