Responsible Sourcing Tool Map
The positive response to the launch of in 2016 has encouraged Verité to commit to updating and expanding this resource in coming years. The Responsible Sourcing Tool is a free web platform created to help visualize and understand the risks of human trafficking in supply chains. Created with support from the U.S. State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, the Responsible Sourcing Tool provides companies, federal procurement and contracting professionals, advocates, investors, and consumers with a comprehensive assessment of country- and industry-based risks of human trafficking and a suite of tools and resources to address those risks.

The website currently contains extensive research on 11 key sectors and 43 commodities at risk for trafficking or trafficking-related activities, and 10 comprehensive risk management tools. The website contains a model compliance plan with downloadable templates and other tools based on Verité’s deep experience helping leading companies combat trafficking in their global supply chains. There is also a special section with tailored tools for the seafood sector.

In coming years, Verité will promote awareness and usage of the Responsible Sourcing Tool through webinars and trainings, expand tailored risk-management tools and resources for new sectors, and maintain and update the research resources on the website. While the site is particularly focused on helping companies meet Federal Acquisition Regulations requiring anti-trafficking compliance measures by federal contractors, the information and practical tools provide the roadmap for companies to meet a wider range of legal and regulatory measures related to supply chain accountability, as well as the evolving demands of customers, investors, buyers, and others for concrete action by companies against trafficking.   

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