Verité’s  CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™ is a patented, secure, technology-driven third-party risk management system that remotely maps cross-border labor supply chains and screens for recruitment-related forced labor risk by gathering data on workforces, recruiters, and unethical recruitment and employment practices.

In 2022, the CUMULUS system implemented a new Employer Pays Verification feature and surpassed a major milestone, having screened more than 1,000 entities in global supply chains, including 350 employers from 15 discrete industry sectors operating in 18 countries and 750 of their recruitment agents from more than 40 countries.

CUMULUS enables users to proactively screen priority operations, supply chains, and investment portfolios for the presence of the International Labour Organization (ILO) forced labor indicators and use risk data to prioritize due diligence efforts, conduct ongoing performance monitoring, screen potential business partners and investments and more.

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