The list of resources below provides information on impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on labor risks, sectors, and populations. We will be updating this list regularly.

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Agriculture Workers and Farms

Smallholder Farmers

Boom and Bust Sectors

Industries Seeing Surges Because Of The Pandemic

Industries Seeing Severe Layoffs/Shutdowns


Coffee Sector

Essential Workers

Call Centers

Delivery/Transport Workers

Domestic Workers/Home Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers




Human Trafficking/Forced Labor


Forced Prison Labor

Immigrant Workers in the US

Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers in the Gulf/Worker Compounds

Occupational Safety and Health/Personal Protective Equipment



Verité is curating this list of resources and articles to help guide companies and others as they work to develop policies and processes for managing the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. While we believe this content has value, we may not wholly agree with all the information shared.

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The photo included in this article is used solely to illustrate the locations and situations in which risk of forced or child labor is being discussed. The people shown in the photo(s) do not represent any specific person or group of people noted in the text.

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