Verité’s vision is a world where people work under safe, fair, and legal conditions. Our work helps to make it a reality.
In 2018, we conducted ground-breaking research, amplified our impact, and engaged with multinational brands to help eliminate labor and human rights abuses in global supply chains. The breadth and depth of Verité’s work in dozens of countries and across the full range of business sectors can be hard to summarize, but we hope that you’ll find the following selection of our achievements in assessments, consulting, policy, research, and training illuminating and informative.
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Over the past year, Verité has:
Conducted over 400 audits.
Shared research on over 10 sectors and 40 commodities.
Trained over 150 people in the RBA Labor & Ethics Auditors course.
Engaged 350 participants in supplier trainings.
Built our capacity by adding eight staff members to help meet our growing demand for services and expansion of programming.
A Selection of our Notable Accomplishments:
We Launched the Sub-Saharan Website
Verité launched the website Trafficking Risk in Sub-Saharan African Supply Chains. The core of the website consists of 22 reports on key export commodities produced in the region, and 49 reports on all the individual sub-Saharan African countries. These resources should enable companies and governments to better understand trafficking risk in African supply chains, and to identify the kinds of legal/policy frameworks and corporate practices that are most effective for combating trafficking risks associated with them.
We Conducted Trainings for Safe & Fair Migration from East Africa to the GCC
Verité and partners IOM Kenya and the Fair Hiring Initiative held two training workshops in Nairobi to increase capacities of recruitment agents and government officials to encourage development, implementation and enforcement of new legislation and bilateral agreements aiming to protect Kenyan migrants working in Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
We contributed to Work on Policy
Verité participated in conferences, panels, and roundtables, contributing to work on policy with numerous stakeholders, including the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking; Government of Qatar; International Labour Organization; U.N. Political Forum on Sustainable Development; U.S. Department of Defense; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; U.S. Department of Labor; and U.S. Department of State, among many others.
We Partnered with Gap Inc. to Engage Workers to Drive Supplier Social Responsibility Performance
Gap Inc. and Verité’s white paper Employing Workers’ Sense of Value as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to Drive Facility Improvement in Social Responsibility, demonstrated that taking a worker-centric approach to sustainable supplier performance improvement can be mutually beneficial to both workers and management.
We Explored Forced Labor Risk in Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program
The results of Verité’s analysis pointed to patterns of exploitation that entailed elements of forced labor vulnerability. The findings were presented as a contribution to the understanding of the nature of exploitation in the TITP program where it occurs; and to help inform targeted interventions by government, business, and civil society in seeking to remedy exploitation experienced by trainees and prevent further abuse.
We Contributed to KnowTheChain’s Benchmark Reports
KnowTheChain released their 2018 reports on the technology, food and beverage, and apparel and footwear sectors. Verité’s role in these collaborations was to provide advice and resources for companies to improve their performance in the areas research identified as lacking.
We Unveiled the CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™
Verité announced the CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™ membership platform at the Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment and Employment 2018 in Singapore. CUMULUS is a technology-driven approach to using shared data for labor supply mapping and forced labor risk screening in supply chains.
Verité’s CUMULUS provides member companies with shared access to a secure, online platform where they can cost-effectively map the labor supply chains of their suppliers and analyze, assess, and prioritize forced labor risks introduced by the recruitment practices of their suppliers and recruitment agents in both receiving and sending countries.
We Piloted Levi’s Worker Well-Being (WWB) Program in China
As the local partner organization to carry out Levi’s WWB program in China, Verité supported four Levi Stauss & Co. suppliers as they launched the program, providing guidance and recommendations to improve strategies for management, conducting Training of Trainers, establishing virtual learning communities among workers, and implementing WWB project activities.
We Opened a New Office in Ghana
Verité and our partners will work collaboratively with the government of Ghana, companies, and civil society organizations to improve systems for identifying and addressing forced labor and labor trafficking. The project will leverage the infrastructure already in place to monitor child labor, particularly in the cocoa sector, to help stakeholders in a variety of sectors address forced labor in a coordinated and resource effective model.
We Created a Training Program to Help Labor Inspectors Fight Child Labor
Verité, in partnership with Winrock International and with the support of the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL), developed a training program to help labor inspectors fight child labor. This past May, the curriculum launched in Nepal with five modules containing lessons and interactive exercises designed to help labor inspectors apply their learnings to real life situations. Additional curriculums to fight child labor for Belize, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Panama are forthcoming. This training program is part of a larger USDOL-funded project called Country Level Engagement and Assistance to Reduce Child Labor II (CLEAR II).
We Celebrated Long-Term Partner ASK’s 25th Anniversary
Since the late 1990s, Verité has worked with the Association for Stimulating Know-how (ASK). Together, ASK and Verité have provided auditing, training, consulting, and research services to a wide variety of companies from multiple sectors in India and in places where Indian workers migrate.

Please donate to Support Verité’s work and advance our vision in 2019

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